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OMNIA Hybrid Cloud is the first step for Arteco toward a solution that answers the increasing interest in cloud-based video solutions.

OMNIA Hybrid Cloud is a cloud-managed solution that eases the management of licenses and creation of users to offer the power of a desktop VMS through a web platform that requires one thing only: internet connection.

This means that users can access their VMS via any device connected to the internet and enjoy the smartest way to centralize their video solutions in the unique, versatile and flexible interface of Omnia Web

What can you do with this solution?

The solution combines the best of two worlds: the scalability of a VSaaS offer and the same functionalities of on-premise VMS. It is designed to provide a fast way of deploying sites with minimum IT resources.

OMNIA Hybrid Cloud offer gives users the opportunity to make their investment more affordable, by splitting it into a monthly fee to control their operational costs and benefit from the flexible pricing plans.

OMNIA Hybrid Cloud operates through the OMNIA web interface, the ultimate in Video Management Software in terms of flexibility, speed and completeness: through an authenticated access it allows end-users to view the video (live and playback), receive notifications (alarms) and export pieces of evidence in the same web page

What are the key benefits of the OMNIA Hybrid Cloud?

Flexible pricing schemes: choose the offer that better fits your system and your need.

No unexpected costs: users only have to pay a monthly fee based on the number of video channels for a complete, comprehensive and flexible VMS.

All-inclusive: start-up, updates, support and periodic check-up are provided by Arteco and included in the fee.

Rapid deployment: the activation of the service is immediate as well as the training times due to the intuitive design of the user interface.

Total freedom: the OMNIA VMS integrated the most common devices, so you can freely choose your cameras, servers and storage.

Cross-platform: OMNIA Web Interface gives you access to the security systems both from a desktop workstation and on the move, through any device connected to the Internet and any browser.

Business Intelligence and diagnostics: OMNIA Insight is the new stand-alone software developed by Arteco for data analysis and reporting. You can include it in your offer!