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The OCULi Solar Kit , Rapid Visual Verification

OCULi 3G is a battery powered, standalone wireless PIR detector with built-in camera. It provides rapid visual verification of captured events using the 3G mobile network. Units and sites can be self-monitored and controlled via the unique OCULi web portal and mobile phone app.

  • Rapidly deployable to areas with no power
  • Visual verification over the 3G cellular network in seconds
  • View events and set-up units via the mobile app and web portal
  • Integrates with popular monitoring platforms
  • Programmable arming schedule
  • 15m x 90° PIR detection pattern
  • Long battery life

OCULi 3G can be used anywhere that a good 3G signal is available. Our UK SIMs are provided by BT and are non-network specific so that they will always use the strongest signal. All footage is stored on both the SD card and cloud server until it is deleted by the user. Cloud storage charges are included in the monthly SIM cost.

The PIR detection range is 15m x 90° using a sophisticated quad sensor pyro and falls well within the camera’s 135° field of view. The PIR settings are adjustable within the web portal, allowing the user to configure sensitivity, pulse counting and gating, as well as the day/night threshold. OCULi 3G is fully tamper protected with IR anti-masking, 3 axis inertia sensing and enclosure tampers.

The arming schedule of OCULi 3G units can be set individually or site-wide for each day of the week and can be set and unset up to 3 times per day. 

The OCULi web portal

The OCULi online web portal is a full monitoring platform for use with your OCULi 3G units. It allows you to view footage captured by your units, add different sites, change the unit settings, assign new users and keep track of your SIMs and data usage.

You can also choose which notifications you want to receive from your units and how frequently, as well as how sensitive the PIR is and how often the unit is allowed to detect.

The OCULi mobile app

The OCULi mobile app provides a convenient way to receive event notifications directly to your phone. The type of detection is shown, such as a detection or move event, and the footage is viewable in the app.