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The protection of people and properties requires situational awareness, understanding of risks and data insight. OMNIA is the Video Management Software conceived by Arteco to get all the components of your security system together in a single user interface and provide you the keys
of all-round security.

Basing your video security on OMNIA means you can rely on Arteco’s expertise and support to design an installation that can manage an extensive range of applications and devices, both from Arteco and numerous manufacturers in the world of security and building automation.


OMNIA unique platform for the management of cameras and security devices, was designed by Arteco to be powerful and easy to use. Its ability to support the GPU acceleration makes the user experience smoother, with a rapid connection to devices, stable video streaming and a fast download of video clips.

The graphic is engaging and aims at focusing the attention of the users to what counts the most


OMNIA’S open architecture allows interfacing Arteco’s software with third-party software applications or integrate security solutions, such as fire detection, anti-intrusion, access control, home automation, POS, Seed to Sale, RFID and many other custom solutions


Arteco is perfectly aware that security has not a standard, as every business has its own needs to be met. This is the reason why OMNIA presents four different VMS licenses to manage endless possibilities of integration and fit in different markets and environments: Pure, eMotion, Active, and Extreme.


OMNIA event management engine allows operators to click on a single notification in the LIVE environment to access the event properties window to watch the recorded video of the event compared to the live streaming.

In the same window, users can bookmark and choose the priority level of the event, as well as write and share notes. Through the setting environment, you can also associate an audio notification based on the type of event and set the options for the sending of emails. Finally, the SEARCH section gives the possibility to perform a research in recordings browser to immediately export videos or snapshots even from multiple video streams simultaneously.


Arteco Maps let you organize and locate all the devices installed
on a map with customizable icons, live & recorded video
preview, audio/video notifications, remote control of devices.


OMNIA can effectively manage all the systems and devices on multiple screens, also ensuring responsiveness between different control rooms, without the need for additional hardware


OMNIA can be interfaced to OMNIA VCA and third-party video
analytics. Besides motion detection and the application of filters
and zones directly on video streaming in real time, OMNIA VCA
allows the automatic detection and counting bicycles, bags, bus,
van, truck, car, motorcycle, people, custom objects, color


OMNIA is conformant with ONVIF protocols: customers can benefit from a smoother integration between their ONVIF devices and the VMS. OMNIA can also leverage the Arteco Open Connector integration platform to make the interoperability between systems, devices and different types of applications more intuitive, easier and faster than ever imagined.


OMNIA integrates all major protocols of home and building automation. It remotely controls an infinite number of devices via Arteco Everywhere 3.0, the I/O module that simplifies the interaction between tools and technologies of any type


Receive data from plate reading cameras or apply the Arteco OCR engine on supported cameras, making it possible to classify events and manage dedicated solutions for traffic and parking control. 


Receiving alarms provided by security solutions are complemented by OMNIA either through standard protocols or using proprietary protocols, for a total event management and a bi-directional control of the alarm units


From simply receiving events to integrating different devices, the OMNIA interface offers the user a dedicated and customizable environment for integrating the most popular access control systems and managing custom solutions


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